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Chandler Unified School District
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Private Schools in Chandler

New Vistas Academy is a wonderful private school in Chandler. Their curriculum is focused on reading, writing, math, social studies and science. Children as young as 2 and a half learn how to read. My oldest was reading 3 100+ page books in pre-Kindergarten. I highly recommend the school.

New Vistas Academy -- Private School in Chandler

Chandler Unified School District

Chandler Unified School District
John M Andersen Elementary School
Andersen Junior High School--Home of the Jaguars
Basha Elementary School--Home of the Bobcats
Basha High School--Home of the Bears
Bogle Junior High School--Home of the Bulldogs
Rudy G Bologna Elementary School--Home of the Scorpions
Chandler High School--Home of the Wolves
Chandler Traditional Academy Freedom Campus--Home of the Freedom Falcons
Chandler Traditional Academy Liberty Campus--Home of the Eagles
Conley Elementary School
Erie Elementary School--Home of the Erie Eagles
Frye Elementary School
Galveston Elementary School
Goodman Elementary School--Home of the Gators
Hamilton High School--Home of the Huskies
Hancock Elementary School--Home of the Heat
Hartford Elementary School--Home of the Huskies
Jane Dee Hull Elementary School
Humphrey Elementary School--Home of the Marshalls
Jacobson Elementary School--Home of the Heat
Knox Elementary School--Home of the Knights
Navarette Elementary School--Home of the Nighthawks
Pathways Learning Center
Payne Junior High School
San Marcos Elementary School--Home of the Bears
Sanborn Elementary School
San Tan Academy
Santan Elementary School--Home of the Storm
Santan Junior High School--Home of the Storm
Shumway Elementary School--Home of the Stars
Tarwater Elementary School--Home of the Toros
Weinberg Elementary School--Home of the Wranglers
Willis Junior High School--Home of the Firebirds

Kyrene Unified School District

Information on Kyrene School District coming soon.

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